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  • Cardiac Ultrasound (Echos)
  • Stress Echocardiography
  • Holter Monitors
  • Lung Fuction Test
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Signal Averaged ECGs
  • Electrocardiography
  • Ankle Brachial Indices (ABI's)
  • Pre Operative Assessments


Cardiac Ultrasound (Echos)
This involves ultasound scanning at rest. There is no exercise involved in

this 30 minute test.



Stress Echocardiography
This test involves a 5 to 10 minute walk on a motorised treadmill whilst connected to an

ECG machine. Heart images are obtained via ultrasound scanning over the left side of the chest before exercising on the treadmill then again immediately after exercise. This test

takes 60 minutes.Please

bring shorts and comfortable shoes/ joggers. Towel and shower are available.

The test is supervised at all times by a doctor. All resuscitation equipment is on hand. .


Holter Monitor
This machine records your heart activity throughout the time you wear it. A small recorder the size of a TV remote is attached to chest leads. Loose clothing is recommended. No showering/bathing is permitted whilst the monitor is attached (16-24 hours/overnight).


Lung Function
This test has three stages and involves breathing into a machine.  A sensor is put on your finger to monitor the oxygen level in your blood. The test takes about 10 minutes.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
This is a small recorder connected to a blood pressure cuff on your arm. Once connected, you leave it on until the next day. The cuff pumps up every hour during the day and every second hour during the night to record your blood pressure.


Signal Averaged ECGs
This is similar to an ECG, but looks at the electrical activity of your heart to see if there is a possibility of any irregularities. This test takes about 10 minutes.


Electrocardiography (ECG)
This test records the electrical activity of your heart. Men with hairy chests will usually have to have some areas shaved for this test. This procedure only takes about 5 minutes.


Ankle Brachial Indices (ABI's)

This test is performed by taking your blood pressure in all four limbs at the same time. You are connected to a machine which pumps the cuffs up automatically. There is no preparation for this test.


PreOperative Assessments
This assessment usually involves a Stress Echocardiograph, Signal-Averaged ECG, Lung Function and a Holter Monitor. You should expect to be at the surgery for about 1½ hours.



No injections or X Rays are required for any of these investigations. No special preparation is required for these tests.


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